ELAC's STEM Counselors

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STEM Counselor: Ana B. Fernandez

Ana B. Fernandez

STEM Counselor
Email: fernanabD@elac.edu
Phone: 323.780.6817

STEM Counselor: Dr. Marina Rueda Juarez

Dr. Marina Rueda Juarez

STEM Counselor
Email: ruedamd@elac.edu
Phone: 323.265.8751

STEM Counselor: Patricia Reynaga

Patricia Reynaga

STEM Counselor
Email: reynagp@elac.edu
Phone: 323.780.6730

Students can make appointments using the following three methods:

  1. ConexEd cards on the MESA Website. They just need to click the "Make Appointment" link for either Patricia or myself. It takes them step-by-step on making their own STEM Counseling appointment.
    Link: http://www.elac.edu/Academics/Programs/STEM/Support/STEM-Counseling
  2. Via our Zoom Virtual Lobby! We have this staffed Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Students can join the zoom, and the front desk staff can help them make an appointment with Patricia or Myself.
    Link: https://bit.ly/mesa-online
  3. Email us directly! Patricia and I will happily provide zoom virtual lobby information to any students asking to make appointments.