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ESL Club

Vision Statement:

The ESL Club was created by Professor Dahi and a few motivated ESL students in the summer of 2008 and the idea was to provide ESL students a safe environment to express themselves and interact with others while feeling comfortable and at home on campus. As a result, they can enrich their college experience and have a worldly view. The friends they make will eventually become as a second family to them, which will give them a sense of belonging. We also wanted to provide students with opportunities to meet new people from other clubs, exchange ideas and learn from each other. We believe that this club gives students access to many resources on campus as well as off campus via scheduled field trips or other outside activities.

ESL CLUB Certificate Ceremony (2012)
ESL CLUB Certificate Ceremony (2012)

The club represents all current and former ESL students and helps them learn more about American pop culture and many other cultures. By being exposed to others’ ideas, cultures, traditions, values and morals, students will gain a wealth of knowledge that they might otherwise be missing out on. A last thing that this club provides is the opportunity to students to raise money for scholarships to help ESL students continue their educational goals at ELAC and beyond.

ESL Club!

If you are an ESL or International student, then our club is for YOU!

ESL CLUB at Sea World in San Diego (2012)

  • Why should I join?

    You can meet new people, prac-tice your English, learn about your campus, be a more active student and have fun!

  • How can I join?

    You need to be a paid ASU student, and then you can join any club on campus. You can get the ASU sticker at the Fiscal Office at E1 building.

  • How can I be involved?

    You can come to our weekly Tuesday meetings from 12:00-1:30pm in E3-321 and learn about the club, instructors, classes, financial aid, on/off campus activities and more.

  • How can I volunteer?

    You can volunteer at fundraising events, help with posters, distribute flyers, etc.

  • Who can I contact for more information?

    Contact Professor Maria Betancourt (Club Advisor) at

    Contact Professor Jenell Rae (Club Co-advisor) at

E-mail us at: or visit our page at


Recommendation letters, certificates for volunteers and extra credit points in some ESL classes.
(Talk to your instructor.)


English Department - ELAC ESSP Faculty

Eastside Spirit and Pride (ESSP) is an organization that has been involved in East Los Angeles College for over twenty years, making notable contributions to the school such as lobbying for the return of football, the founding of the school’s marching band and bring pride to a college that had been missing.


The mission of the club now is to assist students to give back to their community through service while helping them realize their potential in successfully transferring to four year universities. Students help to beautify and maintain the cleanliness of the campus, contribute time and supplies to the food pantry, support sporting events and the marching band, participate in fundraising activities to give book stipends and student scholarships. The ESSP Club hopes to establish an irrevocable sense of pride and delight in the school and in the surrounding, greater community.

Would you like to Bring ESSP Back to ELAC?

At this time, ESSP is no longer active due to the retirement of Founder Dennis Sanchez and the current Pandemic, but if you are a student and would like to bring it back to ELAC, contact Obed Silva ( and Nancy Ramirez (


ESSP regularly features:

--Service opportunities to participate in the cleanliness of the campus and food pantry.

--Opportunities to attend and cheer sporting events and the marching band.

--Interactive and informative discussions concerning procedures and important things-to-know relating to transferring to four-year universities.

Father Greg Boyle and Homeboy Industries in an attempt to reach out to the surrounding community. Members and ESSP founder Dennis Sanchez taught a class called Bridge to College at Homeboy Industries on a routine basis in addition to having ESSP members tutor members of Homeboy Industry. In addition he takes members from Homeboy Industries on tours to East Los Angeles College and other colleges in the Los Angeles area. As a result, many students from Homeboy Industry have enrolled at East Los Angeles College and other community colleges in the greater Los Angeles area.

English Department - ELAC Students at Dodgers Stadium