If you are considering several colleges, what unique advantages would you have attending ELAC? Here are several reasons to “Go East” which are cited frequently by students, faculty and members of the community:

  • WE CARE ABOUT STUDENTS - Even though we are the largest community college in Los Angeles, you will not be treated as “just another number.” Faculty and staff are passionate about helping students succeed.
  • HIGH QUALITY INSTRUCTION - You will be challenged to grow and master the subjects that you study here. ELAC has attracted some of California’s most dedicated and talented professors, who teach in all academic fields.
  • BEAUTIFUL, MODERN CAMPUS - ELAC is completing a dramatic physical make-over. Most classrooms, laboratories, student centers, library and off-campus sites are (or soon will be) brand-new. Sports fields and the Husky stadium rival the facilities of great universities.
  • RAINBOW OF DIVERSITY - ELAC students are mostly Latinos, but Asian students (Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, other ethnic groups) make up a large minority. Faculty appreciate that immigrant students are talented and highly motivated. Learning at ELAC accelerates their journey toward the “American dream.”
  • SAVE A TON OF MONEY - In 2014 the average tuition cost at University of California was $13,300 for residents, $36,138 for non-residents (including international students). At California State Universities, tuition was $6,420 for residents, $8,928 inon-residents. At ELAC, a year’s tuition costs $1,828 for residents, and $6,732 for non-residents. Undergraduates who pay tuition at ELAC for two years, then transfer to UCLA, UC Berkeley or another UC campus can save $22,944 if they are California residents and $58,812 if they are non-residents. Dollars and Sense!

Explore the options on this website, then register for a class, or a full semester. Join the ELAC family!