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Online Resources -- News in slow French -- First-year French program developed at the University of Texas -- Free French course to complement your LACCD course, includes link to YouTube videos created by the site creator Link to YouTube content -- Fun French blog on French culture and tips on learning French -- French TV programs and skits with accompanying exercises (beginner to advanced)

Marugoto 1 & Marugoto 2 -- Japanese language and culture, speaking and conversation practice, vocabulary, grammar

Japanese language and culture using video skits -- Includes exercises -- Free Web Magazine in simple Japanese: listening practice with transcripts; includes usage explanations -- Includes grammar and vocabulary lessons. -- Spanish to English & English to Spanish dictionary; includes examples of the searched word when used in different phrases -- Spanish TV and radio programs -- Spanish radio programs centered around Latin American stories -- Conjugate any verb in all tenses; includes online dictionary

Please visit Reed College's Language Lab (Link to site) website for additional resources! They have an extensive list of complementary resources and great ideas for boosting your language practice!

The LAPL (Los Angeles Public Library) offers free online courses to patrons -- all you need is a library card. If you do not have a library card, please see instructions linked below to apply:


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