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The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová (Please find below highlighted tips from this video):

  1. Start speaking from day one
  2. Imitate sounds of the target language
  3. Learn the most frequent words of the target language
  4. Read about the grammar for the target language
  5. Find ways to enjoy the language learning process (e.g., if you like to cook, use a recipe written in the target language)
  6. If you can, find in the target language, a show or movie you've watched several times and know well, watch it in the target language without subtitles
  7. Talk to yourself in the target language
  8. Check out Anki or Memrise or use the Goldlist method (Goldlist method explained here and Goldlist method also illustrated here)
  9. Create at least one daily habit (e.g., listen to a podcast in the target language while eating breakfast)
  10. Create a method you enjoy that works for you

  • Label objects in your home with Post-It notes in the target language (e.g., your TV, bed, dresser, blender, windows, closets, computer, etc.) to reinforce vocabulary and keep your brain thinking in that target language.
  • As much as possible, think in the language you are learning.
  • Find a pen pal who writes in the language you are learning.
  • Find a book that is available in both your native language and your target language. Read the version in your target language and refer to the native version as a guide to study sentence structure, syntax, grammar and diction. While reading both versions, notice the order of the parts of speech in the target language; also pay attention to the similarities between your native language and the target language.
  • Use flashcards: Write a phrase or sentence on each card. Review and learn one card per day by using the phrase/sentence throughout the day.
  • Find lyrics for songs in the target language. Listen to the song while reading the lyrics. Singing along is a great and fun way to improve fluency.


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