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This is an application to have your enrollment fees (ONLY) waived. This FEE WAIVER is available to California residents and students who meet AB 540 eligibility.

2023-24 California College Promise Grant (CCPG) Fee waiver - English

2023-24 California College Promise Grant (CCPG) Fee waiver - Spanish

For help with books, supplies, food, rent, transportation and other costs, please complete a FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid or CADAA - California Dream Act Application. Visit our main site for information on how to determine which application should be used to apply for financial aid.

We highly recommend for students to apply for the ELAC Promise program. The ELAC Promise serves first-time and returning full-time community college students with a comprehensive strategy designed to support students to complete a higher education degree and/or a workforce certificate. We help students "start right" on their way to "ending right" with a degree, university transfer or workforce certificate in a timely, efficient manner. Aside from offering 2 years of community college free, ELAC College Promise provides scholars with a summer transition activity, registration support, First-Year Center mentors, dedicated counselors and support staff, cohort courses, incentives, and opportunities for international travel through the Los Angeles City Mayors’ Young Ambassadors Program.


Financial aid can be a complex topic. Our office has a committed team of professionals who are ready to assist and help you understand the financial aid process. Timely and responsible delivery of your financial aid requires a close partnership among you, this office, and several other entities. This guide is designed to assist you in understanding your responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.

Please read the information contained in this guide – it should answer most of your questions including those regarding your obligations when you receive financial aid funds. If you have additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to visit us on the web or give us a call.

2023-24 Financial Aid Helping Hand Guide

In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) established the following standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). These standards apply to all students who apply for and receive financial aid. For more information on SAP, click on the SAP Brochure link below.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Brochure - English

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Brochure - Spanish

As low-cost public institutions with limited entrance requirements, we are concerned about our students and believe that it is critical that we establish a clear rationale for student loan eligibility at our institutions. We wish to be certain that when students transfer, they have sufficient loan eligibility to complete their education, and that students who do not intend to go beyond the community college level will not be overly burdened by student loan debt. If students need additional loans when they are receiving a fee waiver and grant assistance, they will almost certainly need to continue to borrow when they transfer. For most community college students, loans in addition to other financial assistance are not recommended. This guide will provide a better understanding of the student loan program and help guide students in making more informed decisions if participating in the student loan program. 

2023-2024 Student Loan Guide