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About Us

Mission Statement

ELAC Education Justice Scholars Program is committed to helping individuals in the community with successful transition into academia after incarceration by providing reintegration services and a pathway to higher education through counseling, career guidance, and mentorship.

Our Vision

ELAC Education Justice Scholars Program aims to map out strategies that challenge the carceral system (the comprehensive network of systems that rely, at least in part, on the exercise of state sanctioned physical, emotional, spatial, economic, and political violence to preserve the interest of the state).

Ed Justice is dedicated to build movements for justice by having conversations with policy and advocate groups, national councils of formerly incarcerated people, non-government organizations, and higher education professionals from across the country.


Education Justice Rising Scholars Spring 2022 Workshops Coming Soon

Contact Information


Eizandro Umana
Education Justice Rising Scholars
Program Coordinator
Email: @email
Phone: (213) 394-2897