Welcome to the Life Sciences Department

ELAC Students gathering at E3 SQuad

The Life Sciences Department at East LA College offers courses to help students transfer in the many STEM-related fields, pursue careers in Allied Health, learn technical skills for laboratory careers, fulfill general education requirements, or to simply satisfy one’s curiosity about the natural world. Students who wish to transfer to universities, such as the UC or CSU system, can earn Associate of Science degrees for transfer in Biology or Health Sciences. Students can complete their prerequisite coursework to apply to a variety of programs; such as, nursing, pharmacy, physician’s assistant, physical therapy, etc. Alternatively, students can complete certificate programs to be ready to work in medical, dental, research, and industrial laboratory settings. The Life Sciences Department strives to provide the most current, accurate, and practical educational experiences for all types of students at ELAC. The goal is that all students, even those who do not major in STEM, receive a high-quality education to succeed their life goals.

Mission Statement

The Life Sciences Department is committed to improving student outcomes and providing opportunities for our diverse student population to succeed in any career path. We empower our students to apply scientific inquiry in the advancement of their educational goals and daily lives.

Career Options in Life Sciences

Clinical Care Health Care Laboratory Tech Animal Science Research Science Biotech Industry


Physician Assistant

Registered Nurse

Nurse Practitioner



Physical Therapist

Occupational Therapist



Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Water Sanitation Scientist

Wildlife Biologist


Fisheries Management



Laboratory Manager


Molecular Biologist

Biomedical Engineer

Food Scientist


Quality Control

Drug Development