2-Year Transfer Program

About Us: 

The Delloro Transfer Program in Social Justice is a cohort learning community that provides scholars with a strong foundation of skills to succeed both academically and as advocates for their communities. We prepare students to be transfer-ready within two years through an encouraging network of support and a strong understanding of the transfer process. The program offers a unique combination of coursework, close student-faculty interactions, peer-mentorship and ongoing workshops and events centered on social justice.The Delloro Transfer Program is rooted in the belief that a diverse group of knowledgeable and empowered students will thrive academically and serve as leaders for social justice in their communities and campuses. 

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Program Benefits Include: 

Guaranteed General Education (IGETC) classes 

Student-centered learning 

Close faculty-student relationships 

Cohort community & mentorship 

Academic resources & counseling 

Transfer & motivational workshops 

University tours & annual trip to Bay Area Campuses 

Community & social justice organizing  

Relationships with summer programs at 4-year universities 


Program Eligibility

Majoring in: Sociology, English, Social Work, Ethnic Studies (Chicano Studies, Asian-American Studies, African-American Studies), Communications, History, Political Science, Art, Anthropology and Philosophy

To qualify for the program students must: 

  • Be a full-time student on the ELAC main campus and able to attend classes that fall between 9 am and 3 pm 
  • Be ready to enroll in English 101 in Fall 
  • Still need to complete the majority of their IGETC general education coursework 
  • Be able to commit to program courses & required activities 


To Apply to the Delloro Transfer Program in Social Justice click here
Fall 2019 Admission Deadlines: July 8th  

For more info, contact: 
Raeanna Gleason 
(323) 415-5310