Counseling Department Courses

Counseling 1

Introduction to College (1 unit) CSU
This course is designed to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in college. Emphasis is placed on study skills and time management. As a result of completing this course, student will have an understanding of college policies and procedures, campus services and resources, and associate degree and transfer requirements.

Counseling 4

Career Planning (1 unit) CSU
This is an educational and vocational course designed to assist the undecided student to make a meaningful decision regarding a career goal. The course includes interest tests and information regarding occupational trends, entry level positions, and career ladder roles. Students will have a broader knowledge of careers and insight into their abilities, interest, values, and personality which will help with the selection of a career choice.

Counseling 22

The Transfer Process (1 unit) UC:CSU
This course is an introduction to the transfer process. It is designed to enable students to become active participants in planning their long-term educational and career goals and provides students with an understanding of the process and the requirements for transferring to a fouryear college or university. These goals enable the student to develop a transfer educational plan and to be prepared to apply to a transfer institution.

Counseling 40

College Success Seminar (3 units) UC:CSU
This course introduces students to the higher education system, and provides a study of the educational, psychological, intellectual, social, and health-related factors that impact lifelong learning, well-being and success. Topics include: Motivation, critical thinking, learning strategies, time management, communication skills, career exploration, and educational planning. An overview of campus resources and policies is also provided.