Mock Interview Information

What is a mock interview? A practice interview with a career counselor that will help you prepare for an actual employment interview. The focus of the interview is to practice and articulate your skills/strengths and past experiences. Overall, the mock interview is a safe place for you to practice your interview skills and gain feedback.

Benefits of a mock interview:

  • Learn what is expected in a real job interview
  • Learn how to improve the way you present yourself and your strengths
  • Allows you to reflect on your skill set, experiences/accomplishments, and industry knowledge as it relates to the job you are interested in
  • Role play the interview process and gain valuable on-the-spot feedback on all aspects of the interview process
  • Gain awareness of verbal and non-verbal cues that could be beneficial or damaging in the interview
  • Exposure to common interview questions asked by employers



Program is Designed to Help You: Preparing for Your Mock Interview:
  • Practice interview skills and develop interview strategies
  • Reduce your anxiety/nervousness before the actual interview
  • Create a good first impression
  • Communicate your skills clearly
  • Practice how to answer difficult questions
  • Dress professionally
  • Bring the sample job description
  • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early
  • Review your resume
  • Know your skills, talents, and strengths
  • Understand the industry/employer you are interviewing for
  • Be prepared for situational questions like, "Tell me about a time that you had a serious disagreement with someone on your team, how did you handle the situation?"
  • Best way to receive all the benefits of the mock interview is to treat it like an actual interview!
  • Remember to smile


To schedule your 1-hour Mock Interview contact us at:

Monterey Park Campus: 323-415-4126
South Gate Campus: 323-357-6216