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Career Development Process

The career development process begins as soon as you enroll at ELAC! It begins with exploring your interests and doing research on majors and industries. Every experience you have at ELAC will help define where you want to go next. Start here by reviewing the process. Meet with your Career Counselors to help you decide a career pathway that meets your goals!

1.- Self-Discovery

2.- Conduct Career & Major Exploration

Read about jobs (conduct internet searches on careers):

Conduct Informational Interviews
Job Shadow

Get Classes:
Select general education courses in subjects you enjoy learning about (in consultation with a counselor)

Attend Events:
Career workshops, majors fair, and panel speakers

3.- Gain Experience

Intern or volunteer:
Obtain on and off-campus work experience

Associated Student Union:
Join a Student Club to develop leadership and teamwork skills

4.- Declare your Major by 15 Units

ELAC Job Database

College Central services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and allows you to search, save, and instantly apply to opportunities that match your skills and interests. Activate your account today!

Click here for College Central Instructions Guide

College Central Instructions Guide



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Upcoming Workshops & Events:

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