Welcome to the ELAC Student Health Center

For a medical or individual therapy appointment or for questions about your medical records, please call our on-campus clinic 323-265-8651. Be sure to say you are from ELAC. Services provided by Via Care.

Chat on Cranium Cafe with Student Health Center

COVID Vaccinations: Our healthcare service provider, Via Care, is providing COVID vaccinations. Please call 323-265-8651 to find out availability. 

The Student Health Center (non-medical ELAC staff) is responding via email and Live Chat (powered by ConexEd) for general Health Center questions and requests for assistance with food insecurity, unstable housing, sexual assault, or other needs.

The email address to reach ELAC Student Health Center staff (non-medical ELAC staff) is: shc@elac.edu. General Live Chat hours: M-F 8am-4:30pm. Hours subject to change. For a medical or individual therapy appointment or for questions about your medical records, please call the on-campus clinic 323-265-8651.

Please check our Events page & social media for events & updates.

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Twitter @ElacHealth.

Links to our events & workshops can be found here: https://linktr.ee/elacshc 

The current semester's health fee required for services. For assistance paying online to or find out if you have paid, please contact the Fiscal Office: https://www.elac.edu/Admin-Services/Fiscal-Office/Live-Chat-With-Our-Staff

ELAC students are eligible for healthcare services at our on-campus clinic. Services are provided by Via Care. Via Care staff are LGBTQ-friendly and Spanish-speaking.


The Purpose of the Student Health Center is to promote students' physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. Services and programs are designed to help students meet their educational, career and personal goals by encouraging healthy attitudes and behavior and fostering students' responsibility for their own health.


The Student Health Center holds in high regard the worth of each culturally diverse student. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and health by providing integrated physical and psychological health services.