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ELAC Policy on Academic Honesty

Approved February 28, 2006 by the Academic Senate and Vice President of Student Services and updated to include generative AI on September 12, 2023.

Students, you are expected to refrain from engaging in the following behaviors:

  1. Using, receiving, or providing unauthorized information during tests or on any written assignments.
  2. Changing answers on assignments after work has been graded.
  3. Using unauthorized electronic devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, electronic dictionaries, IPODs, etc.
  4. Having another student take an examination for you or taking an examination for another student. Photo identification may be required at the first examination.
  5. Plagiarizing or presenting someone else’s work as your own.
  6. Forging or altering registration documents, grades, or add permits.
  7. Bribing or attempting to bribe an instructor or other college official for grade consideration or other special favors.
  8. Violating any other standard that an instructor identifies as cheating in that particular course or subject area.

This policy applies to any use of generative AI that is not specifically authorized by the instructor. Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence technology (e.g., ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Dall-E) that can produce original text, imagery, code, audio, video, and other content.[1] 

When there is evidence of academic dishonesty, the instructor may issue the student a zero or “F” on that particular assignment or test. The instructor may also initiate student discipline under LACCD Board Rule 91101, which may include the issuance of a verbal or written warning. Pursuant to LACCD Board Rule 91101.11 (a), the Vice President of Student Services will place documentation of such warnings in the student’s file.

Any student concerned about the implementation of this policy should review the College Catalog Student Information, where he/she will find references to the Student Grievance Procedure and the relevant Board Rules. He/she might also contact the VP of Student Services.

[1] Revision approved by the Academic Senate on September 12, 2023 


Dr. Miguel Dueñas

Vice President of Student Services

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