Micro 001 - Introductory Microbiology (5 units)

This is an introductory microbiology course developed to pre-pare students for careers in biological sciences, medicine, dentistry, and allied health professions. This course explores the early history of microbiology, microbial classification, morphology, physiology and genetics. Emphasis is given to host-and pathogenic microbe interactions, immunology, virology, and on the effects of physical and chemical agents on micro-organisms. Attention is also given to the microbiology of the air, water, soil, and milk and dairy products. The laboratory emphasizes fundamental microbiological techniques, concepts, and applications as well as current molecular diagnostic methods in microbial genetics and immunology.

This course is meant for students who are pursuing majors/careers in pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, physician assistant, nursing, etc.

Micro 020 - General Microbiology (4 units)

This course is the study of microorganisms, including their discovery, morphology, metabolism, genetics, growth requirements, and most importantly, their roles in infectious diseases. This course is recommended for nursing and allied health students. Other major topics covered are virology, immunology, and methods of control of microorganisms. The labs include microscopy, aseptic technique in the handling of bacteria, and isolation, cultivation, staining, identification, and control of bacterial populations.

This course is meant for students who are pursuing careers in nursing, respiratory therapy, dental hygiene, etc.

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